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Green Allestimenti is the craftsman of elegance in retail. We skilfully turn blank spaces into works of art in order to create unforgettable customer experiences for luxury brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, Rolex and many others. Our success also stems from strong partnerships with established world-famous architects and designers. Working together we create unparalleled luxury spaces where artisan know-how blends with ground-breaking creativity.


From project to product

Our production process is a mesmerizing symphony of art and precision. The first defining step is creativity, then it all takes shape through the careful selection of top quality materials and our people’s craftsmanship. The final result is a flawless thing of beauty and elegance.

Sustainability and certifications

We are constantly committed to environmental sustainability. In our projects we use eco-sustainable materials to help preserving the environment. Furthermore we proudly hold quality certifications attesting the excellence of our work.


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The true strength of our company undeniably lies in its precious workforce. A united, expert and highly-motivated team is the lifeblood that constantly fuels our success.
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Team and production process

From concept to creation, we work as one to turn ideas into quality products. Our experts cooperate with dedication to bring their unique skills in every step of the journey.



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