Imagination makes it possible

We design your spaces in minute detail by selecting the best products on the market.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create unique and luxurious environments where customers can dive in for an extraordinary shopping experience. Every detail is aimed at a flawless service.

Our customers

We proudly welcome demanding customers. Our creations are things of elegance and refinement. Find out the brands we have been passionately working for in years.


The Company

Green Allestimenti was born in 1984 as a natural outcome of Claudio Cardoni’s previous work in Cardoni Costruzioni Metalliche. Italian craftsmanship has always been at the core of our philosophy.



The projects

Our portfolio is a place of creativity and innovation where extraordinary ideas come to life. Backed by amazing talents we turn concepts into breathtaking realities, shaping unique experiences that surprise and inspire.


Quality and passion

Each of our products is made with passion and skill, to represent Italian know-how in each tiny detail. We bring Italian art, quality and style in every corner of the globe.